Mobile networks

Take advantage of our many years of experience in building mobile networks. We provide operators with complex construction of base stations including telecommunication infrastructure, controllers and MSC exchanges.

Why trust us with mobile networks?

  • The construction of base stations includes the offer of full services – acquisition, design and engineering, construction, installation of telecommunication infrastructure, maintenance, and high-quality 24/7 service (details below).
  • We have extensive experience in construction and follow-up maintenance of GSM networks for Vodafone and Telefónica.
  • Our own team of experienced professionals will be working for you; we also have the appropriate technical equipment.

Services provided


We find suitable places for the location of the base station.

The service includes:

  • Preparing photographic documentation Identification of property rights
  • Draft of mobile operator’s intention
  • Preliminary position of the owners
  • Preparation of the summary acquisition report
  • Layout draft of the selected location LOS – visibility verification of MW connections for connecting of base stations
  • Entering into lease contracts

Design and engineering

We provide full design and engineering services:

  • Assessments and studies of the impact of construction activities on the environment, etc.
  • Project documentation of all stages
  • Building permit
  • Construction
  • We deal with construction and extension of base stations.


We deal with construction and extension of base stations.

We provide a full range of services:

  • Manufacture of steel structures
  • Construction of tower sites
  • Construction of electrical connections
  • Construction and technical supervision Inspection of electrical equipment and installations Inspection of conductors and grounding
  • Removal of the structure of the existing base stations

Infrastructure installation

We install all elements of telecommunications infrastructure:

  • Installation, reconfiguration and integration of 2G, 3G and LTE technology including required measurement
  • Installation and integration of power supplies and batteries
  • Construction and reconfiguration of MW links of all types including required measurements
  • Construction of fibre optic connections
  • Installation, reconfiguration and integration of technology at BSC sites
  • Technology testing
  • Revisions and documentation according to investor's requirements

Maintenance and service

We offer the so-called Peak Care System, where the client receives the following services for a flat fee:

  • Preventive maintenance of all system components
  • Repairs - replaceable
  • Regular system diagnostics
  • Consultancy and user training
  • 24-hour service on call
  • Arrival at the agreed time for fault rectification

What else can you gain from working with us? You will save your time and energy.

Mobile network solutions

  • Acquisitions
  • Design and engineering activities
  • Construction
  • Infrastructure installation
  • Maintenance and service
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