Network Management & NGFW Implementation

We provide complete management of your network infrastructure. Our team of experienced networkers is ready to fully attend to your needs.

We provide complete management of your network infrastructure. Our team of experienced networkers is ready to fully attend to your needs. We are no strangers to concepts such as IPsec, VLANs, TCP, UDP, ACLs, NAT, PAT or BGP. We can analyze your environment and suggest both configuration and HW changes, all to make your network more secure.

After all, a firewall is the first point that protects your data and users from attackers, so it needs to be given due attention and importance.

An important step in terms of security is the implementation of NGFW – next generation firewall.

The key security functionalities include:

Antimalware protection

  • It blocks and reports any attempt to apply malicious code to endpoint devices, whether from a virus, malware or PUP perspective
  • Antimalware protects against known code and unknown threats with sandboxing

Threat protection

  • It blocks and reports attempted misuse of application codes.
  • It is primarily an IPS/IDS security probe that uses databases from various vendors, for example SNORT 3.0
  • It is a very effective protection against attempts to penetrate the data network, or attempts to misuse the code from both internal and external data network
    IPS/IDS security probe is recommended to be applied both within the internal data network and for applications publicly accessible from the Internet
  • This feature is complemented by the Security Intelligence service which uses the ability to access a database of malicious IP and URL addresses that it automatically blocks access to.
  • This gives us a powerful tool against phishing attacks or attempts to activate and synchronize the RSA key of most ransomware encryption tools, stopping the attack before it starts.

URL Categorization

  • A simple way to control access of internal users to WWW pages on the Internet using category filtering
  • URL categories are updated regularly
  • Option of global blocking of inappropriate content
  • To apply URL categorization, it is advisable to apply identity verification.

SSL Inspection

  • The firewall gains the ability to view encrypted traffic to ensure that all security features are applied

Application Control

  • It provides options for filtering the operation of specific applications and their subparts

Identity Verification

  • It allows retrieval of user data
  • To apply access rules using a user account or group
  • Suitable for reporting individual user traffic
  • It supports integration with Microsoft Active Directory using NTLM, Radius and others

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Network management and NGFW implementation

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