SIEM Security Information and Event management

In general, IEM is able to collect and analyze information, events and logs from the network and devices and thus help prevent incidents from incorrect logins or poor network communication to real-time identification of hacking attacks. There are SIEM tools on the market today that can do so much more, whether it is anomaly detection, artificial intelligence and machine learning or IDS/IPS.

Why is it important to collect and analyze information and events contained in systems?

It is the main way to prevent an attack, detect an attack in progress, or trace how attackers have attacked the network when an attack has been successful.

Without such tools, companies simply run the risk of being unaware of an attack if their network has been attacked, allowing attackers to move around the network almost without restriction.

What does this look like with us?

We have deployed SIEM in our company network that allows us to detect network anomalies in time and, in case of danger, to react quickly to the incident.

Thanks to our 24/7 center, we keep monitoring and analyzing alerts detected by the SIEM system. In fact, we know everything that's going on inside our network, but also what's going on behind our firewall.

What can we do for you?

Based on the analysis of the operation and existing systems, we are ready to design and implement a suitable SIEM.

Method of implementation:

  1. On Premise – the system is implemented in your network and administration and analysis is performed by your own team
  2. SaaS (Software as a Service) –  the system is implemented remotely

Administration and analysis in your network and performed under SLA by our experienced team in 24/7 mode.

Main advantages of SIEM:

  • Automatic analysis of information and events in real time
  • Clear visualization
  • Collection and storage of logs from different types of devices and systems in one place
  • Detection of spam and potential attacks
  • Streamlining infrastructure management
  • Flexible response to attacks
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