Server and end station management

You know very well how much time and money it costs you when something doesn't work and therefore employees can't work. Therefore, trust us with your IT management and we will take care of its smooth operation.

Our team of specialized technicians together with our 24/7 surveillance center will ensure smooth operation of your servers. We have over 15 years of experience managing servers and we continually develop our knowledge. We place great emphasis on precise documentation along with records of individual interventions and vulnerabilities. Of course, the security of your data remains a top priority.

Our services include: (ideally images instead of bullets and thus to fill more space)

  • Server management and application of security patches
  • Professional monitoring 24/7 – regular status reporting
  • Asset management – Capacity / Life cycle management
  • Cooperation in the development of financial plans for the coming years
  • Management and design of backup processes – there are never enough backups
  • Preparation of DR plans

Server solutions are no longer just about local or on-prem infrastructure. Cloud operators bring great advantages in server operation to the market. Are you planning a server refresh? Let us calculate under what conditions it will be worthwhile for you to move to the cloud and what benefits it will bring you. We recommend only proven solutions, primarily on Microsoft Azure.

We will assess your entire server infrastructure and propose a solution

  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs.
  • The performance of your servers will improve and therefore the information systems and other applications that your employees use will run faster.
  • Server reliability increases – you don't have to worry about unexpected outages or data loss.
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What does the management of end stations and payment terminals (POS) involve?

  • Installation and configuration of PC/NB/POS, computer networks, printers, scanners and faxes and their subsequent maintenance.
  • Remote PC/NB/POS management that enables quick problem solving. Updates to operating systems.
  • Backing up computers.
  • Providing complete antivirus protection.
  • Reinstallation of software – in case of malfunction.
  • Installation of software updates.
  • Proper setup of mobile devices – we have extensive experience with products from major laptop, tablet and smartphone manufacturers.
  • Support in situations where it’s necessary to introduce restrictive measures related to the use of IT in your company. 

The examples given are only a sample of what we can do; we always create a tailor-made solution for each client.

Installation of software according to your needs

  • MS Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu operating systems
  • MS Office 365
  • Libre Office and Open Office
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Server management, end station management

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