Take advantage of our extensive experience of our development team. We develop tailor-made software, provide customization, i.e. modification to the already-existing software. Another useful service: We will extend the information system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with telephony for you.

Our experienced development team will provide you with the software tailored to your needs. Choose from our services.

Custom software

If your needs are specific, we will make turnkey software for you. We will analyze and develop the software (NET platform) and implement it.

If you want to work on the software development by yourselves, but you do not have an appropriate team, we will provide you with the services of our developer under pre-arranged conditions.

Software customization

Customization, i.e. tailor-made software, is used by our clients very often. We customize both new software and the one you already use in your company.

CRM software with telephony

The information system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 allowing you to manage relations with your customers, can be improved by us. We are able to integrate a specially developed connector into this system, thus connecting it to telephony.

Directly in the environment of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, without any need to switch to a different software, you will be able to:

Receive, forward or make phone calls
Manage, report and analyze telephone traffic
Forward calls directly to the employee who is in charge of the calling client or the field
Record phone calls and assign them to individual customers
Make, implement and manage outbound telephone campaigns
Set and manage standby duties, e.g. service forward any incoming calls easily to a person who is currently on service


CP Intranet is a corporate web portal allowing you to access to information.
CP Intranet can also be perceived as a signpost to other systems.
With CP Intranet, processes are automated (“paper-free”).
Multitenant architecture.
Single sign-on.
Approval workflow (orders, invoices, holidays, attendance...).

Modular system

Telephone directory
Employee cards
Journey log book
Organizational structure
Payroll, bonuses
Staff expenditure
Furlough certificates

Software development solution

About product

Integration of telephony into Microsoft Dynamics CRM
HelpDesk mobile app
Call recording

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