Our clients always have someone to contact, because we run an extensive Shared services centre, which provides nonstop service support. So if you have a technical problem or a request, our experts will help you anytime. This quality service is offered at unbeatable prices.

Besides the technical support, this centre offers also other services:

Network Monitoring – monitoring of communication nodes, servers, critical applications of clients, etc.
Facility Management – surveillance and monitoring of buildings and vehicle fleets.

More about the Shared services centre

  • It is located in Ústí nad Labem, a city with a modern telecommunications infrastructure.
  • In addition, in the Usti region there are several technically oriented universities of high quality, and it allows a qualified workforce to be found there.
  • Shared services centre received the support of the EU, and this is one of the reasons why our prices are affordable.
  • We use our own products and solutions, which are HelpDesk, Griffon Office and others, as well as the products from reputable suppliers, for ex. Microsoft, IBM and Cisco. These companies are our long-term partners.

Main advantages

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Nonstop support
Affordable prices
Network monitoring
Facility management

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