We will review your entire server infrastructure and suggest a solution that:
  1. Will reduce your costs of operation and maintenance.
  2. Will improve the performance of your servers, therefore the information systems and other applications used by employees will work faster.
  3. Will improve the reliability of servers – you do not have to worry about unexpected outages or data loss.

How do we proceed?

We will begin with a thorough analysis and then we will propose a procedure, in which we will get from your existing servers as much as possible, and therefore the investment would.

If there are too many physical servers in the company, we can replace them with a number of virtual ones. We work mainly with virtualization products from Microsoft and VMware and with open source products. We will examine what is best for you (running your own servers, hosting, cloud).

Your needs and possibilities are, of course, in the first place. If your internal regulations do not allow virtualization or if for some reason you do not want it, we will propose another efficient solution.

What is included in the server management?

  • Low-cost but efficient monitoring – quality monitoring allows us to detect potential problems before their negative impact on running of your business. We work with a quality open source monitoring system, so your installation costs will be minimal.
  • Regular preventive examinations of server hardware and software using remote diagnostics (according to the agreed scope).
  • Preventive examination and maintenance at the place of installation, which includes monitoring and professional cleaning of individual components as well as other services (once a year).
  • Management of databases and information systems.
  • Operating systems management and updating.
  • Anti-virus protection for all servers.
  • Konzultace, které souvisí s provozem dodaného hardwaru (dle domluveného rozsahu). 
  • Consultation related to the operation of a supplied hardware (according to the agreed scope).
  • Backup which we carry out once a day at night hours. We will design a backup scheme for you that will allow you quickly and easily restore all user (production) data – the content of the file server, mail and database server.
  • Connecting servers and other hardware to a UPS backup source in order to secure its proper shutdown in case of power outage.
  • Communication with the suppliers of products necessary for the correct functioning of the entire infrastructure.
  • Configuration and monitoring of devices that form your local network – for ex. switches and Wi-Fi access points.

Temporary supply of spare parts necessary to eliminate defects and consequent delivery of all the spare parts you need..
The information given is for guidance only, for every client we always create a custom-designed solution. Do you want to learn more about IT outsourcing? Look at the 7 benefits us that you will get from cooperating with.

We will assess your entire server infrastructure and propose a solution

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