Do you experience interrupted connection to the server? The problem may be in the local network. We will ensure its monitoring; we will recommend solutions and take care of the entire implementation. You can also contact us if you are setting up a new office or relocating. On the new premises we will create a suitable local network for you.

How do we proceed?

According to the principle "keep it simple". If we adjust an existing local network, we try to work with already installed technologies to save your costs. During the implementation, we use the products of reputable manufacturers of network infrastructure and security solutions – Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, HP, Alcatel and others.

What is included in the LAN project, implementation and management?

  • Creating of project documentation.
  • LAN installation – cable laying, installation of data sockets, cable terminations in data sockets and in server room and other work.
  • Adjustment of the local network so that it can be used also for IP telephones – VoIP product configurations including proper QoS setting.
  • Internet traffic filtering.
  • Creation of VLAN, namely the network segments that are separate from the rest, usually for the safety reasons. E.g. the separation of the key servers from the rest of the network.
  • Keeping an IP address plan.
  • Preventing infrastructure outages – monitoring of the local network and functional testing (according to the agreement remotely and once a year physically at the place of installation).
  • Communication with the suppliers when a failure of the communication infrastructure occurs.

The information given is for guidance only, for every client we always create a custom-designed solution.
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