You know very well how much time and money you spend when something is malfunctioning and your employees cannot work. Hence entrust us with the IT management and we will ensure a smooth operation.

What is included in the computer management?

  • Installation and configuration of computers, computer networks, printers, scanners and fax machines, and their consequent maintenance.
  • Remote PC management, which allows a quick problem solving.
  • Updating of operating systems.
  • Backup of computers.
  • Ensuring of the full anti-virus protection.
  • Software equipment installation according to your needs.
  • Installation of software updates.
  • The correct configuration of mobile devices – we have a lot of experience with the products of the largest manufacturers of laptops, tablets and smartphones.
  • Support in the situations when you need to implement restrictions regarding the usage of IT in the company.

The information given is for guidance only, for every client we always create a custom-designed solution.

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Installing the software according your needs

About product

Operating systems MS Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu
MS Office 365
Office suite Libre Office a Open Office

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