Do you need to record and archive phone calls? We offer you CP Voice Logger system, which will allow you will to replay any call at any time. The application is suitable for all companies that need to have call records available for various reasons.

Our system for recording phone calls will satisfy even the most demanding clients – banks, insurance companies, rescue services, companies operating service or safety lines, booking portals, etc.

Why to choose CP Voice Logger?

  1. It is independent of your telephone exchange. Therefore, we can provide it regardless the size, type and age of the telephone exchange.
  2. We can install it separately or as a part of another solution, such as CRM, HELP DESK.
  3. It is a user-friendly system which is easy to operate.
  4. Unlike other recording systems, you can use it also for IP telephony.
  5. It is highly reliable and at favourable price.

What will it bring to you?

  • Better communication with the customers who will make calls to your customer or technical support line, service desk and other lines.
  • Better supervision of work of your employees.
  • Operators will use it also as a training tool.

Separately or as a part of another solution

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