Do you want to save on in-company communication? The solution in VIDEO CONFERENCE which will reduce (not only) travel costs.

The application HELP DESK will also save you some money. The application will make your customer’ requests more transparent, improve process and increase work productivity.

The HELP DESK MOBILE APPLICATION, which serves as an on-line interface for working with the Helpdesk application, will make the work easier for solvers.

If you need to record and archive any phone calls, choose our system CP VOICE LOGGER, which is very reliable and cost-effective.

Information safety

We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of Information Security. We recommend proven and effective measures for the corporate ICT environment to our clients. We will provide you with the maximum protection in the cyberspace. We fight against cybercrime (botnet, malware, phishing, ransomware,...).

Software development

Take advantage of our extensive experience of our development team. We develop tailor-made software, provide customization, i.e. modification to the already-existing software. Another useful service: We will extend the information system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 with telephony for you. We also offer the Intranet.