Outsourcing IT

Get rid of IT worries. We will provide you with the management of all information and communication technologies or just the aspects you need. We offer free consultations of the current state of ICT in your company. We will analyze your needs and recommend a long-term sustainable solution.

7 reasons to trust us with your IT

1. You save money

We only propose worthwhile solutions and we back them up with figures. First, we present you with a detailed budget of the proposed services, so that you can easily choose which processes you need.

2. You reduce investment costs

With outsourcing, IT moves to operational costs, over which you also gain better control. You will no longer be surprised by any unexpected payments.

3. You get 24-hour service support

If you have a technical problem or request, just contact our help desk.

4. We operate across the Czech Republic

We provide the same quality of care to a client with one location as we do to a company with many branches. Thanks to our extensive experience and the fact that we have technicians all over the country, we are able to solve any problems very quickly.

5. We give you our know-how

We do not ask where the fault lies and who is to blame. We just fix the problem.

6. We save you the trouble

We take over all responsibility for the contracted services so that you can focus on your business effectively.

7. We speak comprehensibly

An expert consultant, who will be at your disposal throughout the term of service, will always explain anything in layman's terms. We understand that you are an expert in your field and do not want to be bogged down with technical IT terms.

IT outsourcing solutions

Computer network management

Management of end stations and payment terminals

Server management

Introducing Microsoft 365

LAN and WAN design, implementation and management


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