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Process automation Power Automate

Process automation – Power Automate

The Microsoft 365 product family is a very broad concept and already in the basic licenses M365 business Basic or E1 there is a large range of products available from the collaboration tool Teams through OneDrive document storage to SharePoint as a tool for creating a corporate intranet or DMS. It often happens that the user needs to make the different tools more friendly and use the outputs from one side on the other side.

Power Automate, formerly Flow, is a service belonging to the Microsoft 365 family of tools. The service allows you to carry out automation processes from simple ones, such as saving an email attachment, to really sophisticated ones, such as creating a complete holiday approval process with calculation of the number of working days. Of course, everything is perfectly linked to other M365 products such as SharePoint, OneDrive or Dynamics 365. There are also additional connectors that allow you to use Flow for other products such as Google products or Twitter.

 Example of a simple assignment - registration for a seminar on electromobility

  1. I will send the Registration Forms to our customers (or place on the website)
  2. The completed details will be saved in my SharePoint list
  3. I will check the validity of the assignment based on the completed data
  4. All being well, I send the event invitation directly to the user's calendar
  5. I get daily info in Teams how many people are registered.
  6. The day before the event I send a reminder to the registrants
    Everything is fully automated, no need to intervene in the process. Further automation options are limited only by your imagination.

Why PowerAutomate?

  • Today's very popular low-code platform
  • Already part of M365 subscriptions - low cost
  • Hundreds of pre-designed templates from Microsoft - still growing
    • Connectivity to on-prem environments is also available
    • Interesting geolocation features
  • Business process automation - connection to Dynamics 365
  • Approval processes - integration into Teams

What can we help you with?

  • We will be happy to analyze your needs and design a suitable automation process using other Microsoft tools such as Sharepoint
  • We can program more complex processes that require in-depth knowledge of Power Automate tools
  • We offer training for users

One of the many uses in our company

As an outsourcing company, we send our customers regular reports on work performed, acceptance reports and reports from monitoring systems. Previously, the reports had to be generated from the system, saved, converted to PDF and worked with. Now the whole process is automatic, reports are saved in a folder by customer and month, a link is sent to the relevant department manager for approval, all within Team. At the moment of approval, all the reports, including the tailored text, are sent directly to the customer. The hours of time saved can then be used more efficiently.

This was just one of the few examples of how the tool can be used, feel free to contact us at, we will surely find a way to use the tool for you and save you time that you can use for more important work.

Implementace Microsoft 365

  • Training
  • Process automation
  • Security in Tennant
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