IT security

We offer comprehensive solutions in the area of Information Security; we recommend to our clients proven and effective security measures for the corporate ICT environment; we provide you with maximum protection in cyberspace. We fight against cybercrime (botnet, malware, phishing, ransomware...).

Why implement an information security system?

  • We increase the effectiveness of security investments
  • Information security management is a competitive advantage
  • Alignment between the organization's goals and requirements and the requirements for security – security from a business perspective
  • We increase the organization's credibility with partners and customers, protect the organization's reputation and established brand
  • You can demonstrate compliance with applicable legislation (e.g. personal data protection)
  • You will effectively manage security incidents
  • You will be prepared for emergencies through business continuity planning

What can the implementation of security measures look like?

  • Introduction of e-learning information security trainings for employees
  • Introduction of the Risk Analysis application
  • Vulnerability scanning of ICT resources
  • Penetration tests external perimeter
  • Penetration tests internal perimeter
  • Segmentation and secure network configuration
  • Network monitoring
  • Deploying secure server hardening configurations
  • Deploying secure endpoint configurations
  • Security and access optimization
  • Security and optimization of privileged access
  • Cryptographic measures for electronic communication

Corporate communication solutions

  • We offer comprehensive information security solutions
  • We listen to our customers and provide proven solutions according to the current standards
  • When designing a security management system, we look at the business benefits for the customer
  • We have a strong technical and analytical team
  • We have been providing ICT services for 25 years
  • We work with our customers to fulfill our company's vision of security

Other services

Penetration testing

SIEM Security Information and Event management

SOC Security Operations Center

Risk Analysis

Cybersecurity training

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