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xWDM technologie

xWDM is a high-performance WDM transmission technology for network extension. It uses the huge bandwidth of single-mode fiber in a low-loss region to combine different wavelengths of light into a single fiber for transmission. It can provide 4~44 channels of single-fiber transmission channel, effectively expand the communication capacity of the network system, monitor the channel quality in real time, and check the network fault.

At present, xWDM technology is mainly used in long-distance transmission networks such as LAN and human which needs to expand communication capacity. xWDM can provide channel spacing of 50 GHz (0.4 nm), 100 GHz (0.8 nm) or 200 GHz (1.6 nm). Most dwdm systems use 100GHz and 50GHz. To take full advantage of the low bandwidth loss of optical fiber, increase the transmission capacity of optical fiber, and make the data transmitted by a single fiber increase to several times.

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