We build optical and metallic networks of any scale – internal LAN, access, metropolitan as well as transport networks. Tell us your requirements and we will provide you with the optimal technical solution. We work for operators, development project investors and also for companies.

Why to entrust us with a network implementation?

  • You will get a full turnkey service. We will ensure the project, construction and also the consequent service.
  • We offer extensive experience with projects for large operators. For ex. ČEPS – 34 locations, 6 technologies: WDM, SDH, PDH, MPLS, PCM and ČEZnet – SDH technology.
  • We have a team of experienced specialists who keep educating themselves.
  • For all the work and technologies delivered we will provide you with the after-sales service.
  • Within the service we also offer you services of the surveillance centre and a nonstop helpdesk.

Network implementation includes

  • Technical draft including project documentation
  • Taking care of all the administrative steps
  • Delivery of all the material
  • Technology configuration
  • Complete construction
  • Long-term service and maintenance


The selection of a suitable technology is essential, especially if it is backbone networks/connections. The technology determines the stability of the entire transmission infrastructure, so we use only the most modern, stable and proven technologies of reputable suppliers, for example Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco and Huawei.

What else will you get from cooperating with us? You will save your time and energy.

Implementation of networks includes

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