Software development

Take the advantage of the extensive experience of our development team. We develop bespoke software, we offer customization, i.e. modification of an existing software. Another useful service:
We will enhance your Information system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 of telephony.

Our experienced development team will provide you with software that will be created exactly according to your requirements. Choose from our services:

Bespoke software

If you have any specific needs, we will create turnkey software for you. We will carry out an analysis, development of software (NET platform) and implementation.

If you want to work with us on the development of your software, but you do not have a corresponding team, we will provide you with services of our developer under prearranged conditions.

Software modification

Customization, when we adjust a product according to your needs, is used by our clients very often. We modify new software as well as those pieces of software you are already using in the company.

CRM software with telephony

We can improve the quality of your Information system Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, which enables customer relationship management. We integrate a specially designed connector into this system which allows its connection with telephony.

Directly within Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, that means you don’t have to switch to another program, you can:

  • Receive, transfer or make phone calls
  • Manage, report and analyse phone traffic
  • Route calls directly to an employee who is in charge of the calling client or of the relevant area.
  • Make call recordings and assign them to individual customers
  • Create, implement and manage outbound telephone campaigns
  • Set and manage alerts, for example maintenance. You can easily redirect incoming calls to a person who is currently on duty.

  • Intranet

  • CP Intranet is a corporate web portal that allows central access to information.
  • CP Intranet can be also seen as a signpost to other systems.
  • With CP Intranet, processes are automated (non paperization).
  • Multitenant architecture.
  • Single sing-on.
  • Approval workflow (orders, invoices, holidays, attendance ...).

    • Modular system:

      • Phonebook
      • Employee cards
      • Log book
      • Organizational structure
      • Attendance
      • Wages, bonuses
      • Expenditure of staff
      • Reports
      • Documents
      • Holidays ...